Our People Promise


Our people are an integral part of who we are. We promise to build an environment of trust with each other to allow an environment of collaboration and excellent relationships to flourish.


We promise to support you to achieve your “why” – or purpose – by building an environment where that purpose is a key part of your growth and development plan. We commit to an integrated approach to corporate social responsibility, which may contribute to the achievement of your purpose.


We recognise the incredible value that everyone has the potential to contribute. We promise to create an environment where this potential may be harnessed and grown – allowing each person to become exceptional as individuals, as professionals, and as members of the broader community. Opportunities to work locally, internationally, and across a range of disciplines and clients will be available to contribute to this growth.


We promise to recognise your value and contribution through career progression, remuneration, flexible work arrangements, personal growth opportunities and other forms of recognition.

Our performance and growth framework

The staff development programme at BDO in Thailand is well structured, appealing especially to those looking to gain experience in an international firm. By providing personal coaching and mentorship for each staff member, our international team of managers lights the way forward for further career development.

Our performance and growth cycle is designed to help the BDO in Thailand team become highly capable professionals and people. The cycle has four phases:

  • Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Reviewing
  • Rewarding

By establishing the right goals, monitoring progress, conducting reviews and assessments, and then delivering well-earned recognition for improvement, we ensure that every member of our team continues to rise towards their ultimate potential.

At BDO in Thailand, we follow the 70-20-10 approach to employee development: 70% of this learning takes place through hands-on engagement with daily tasks, 20% is done informally, and 10% occurs within a formal training or classroom environment.

We also help our employees improve their language ability, with in-house English courses. And because we value development so highly, all staff receive training and instruction directly from our senior managers and partners.