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  • BDO Thailand Japanese Desk

BDO Thailand Japanese Desk

29 September 2020

Daisuke Mizukami, Japan Desk Representative |

Japan Desk

Our Japan desk is set up within BDO Thailand to assist Japanese companies to start and expand their business in Thailand and neighbor countries in the field of audit, tax, business services and outsourcing, and advisory.  We can support your multinational business with BDO network all over the world. For any inquiries in Japanese, please contact our Japanese Desk representative Daisuke Mizukami (US CPA). 



  • Audit & Assurance
  • Advisory services including Risk Advisory Services (Internal Audit, Internal Control, Compliance, Financial and Tax Due Diligence, etc.)                                                                    
  • Business Services & Outsourcing (Monthly and Annual Accounting Service, Tax Compliance, Payroll Service, etc.) 
  • Tax Services (Individual & Corporate Income Tax, Transfer Pricing, etc.)



BDO ジャパンデスクはBDOタイに設置されており、日本企業の皆様のタイ及び周辺国への新規進出や事業展開のため、監査、税務、ビジネスサービス及びアウトソーシング、アドバイザリー等の専門的支援を提供しています。また、BDOのグローバルネットワーク(162カ国、1,500拠点)が協力し、皆様の多国籍事業を支援する体制を整えております。日本語でのお問い合わせは、BDOタイの日本人窓口である水上(米国公認会計士)までご連絡ください。



  • 監査及び保証業務
  • リスクアドバイザリーを含むアドバイザリーサービス(内部監査、内部統制、コンプライアンス、財務・税務デューデリジェンス等)
  • ビジネスサービス及びアウトソーシング(月次及び年次会計サービス、税務コンプライアンス、給与計算代行等)
  • 税務サービス(個人・法人所得税及び移転価格等)


Audit & Assurance

BDO provides high-quality audit services by conducting audits pursuant to audit manuals and tools of BDO International, an international accounting firm. In conducting audits, we place the highest priority on maintaining communication with our clients to understand clients' operations and business environment and conduct efficient and effective audit.





Advisory Services including Risk Advisory Services

We provide services in supporting management to strategically enhance corporate value and meet a wide variety needs in delivering professional services such as M&A advisory service, finance due diligence, and structuring advice.

Recently, risk management has become a key driver for companies to prevent internal fraud or conflict in advance and required to be address these issues appropriately in a timely manner.

We provide services on risk management advisory services as follows.


  • J-SOX internal control assistance
  • Internal audit
  • Forensic
  • Financial and Tax Due Diligence





  • J-SOX内部統制支援
  • 内部監査
  • 不正調査
  • 財務・税務デューデリジェンス


Business Services & Outsourcing

BDO Thailand provides business outsourcing services related to accounting, tax compliance and payroll in order to help clients expand, streamline, and increase the clarity/transparency of their business.

We provide solutions best suited to the following issues of each client:

  • Increasingly strict requirements related to financial reporting
  • Lack of resources to meet high requirements
  • Management of outsourcing firms which varies between country
  • Inefficient treasury operations without effective control or governance
  • Lack of clarity/transparency of financial information

BDO International responds flexibly and swiftly to clients' needs globally through cooperation among member offices located in over 150 countries and regions. Furthermore, with the use of a cloud-based accounting system, we provide clients with access to real-time information anytime as required.




  • 財務報告基準の厳格化への対応
  • 高度な要求に応える人材不足と人材留保の難しさ
  • 各国で異なるアウトソーシング会社への対応
  • 記帳と現金出納が分業化されないことによる高い不正リスク
  • 会計記録の透明性の確保



Outsourcing Payroll Services

Through outsourcing Payroll services, we offer the following support related to payroll calculations, including monthly salary and bonus calculations and services related to social insurance.

  • Monthly salary and bonus calculations, including issuance of salary and bonus pay slips
  • Retirement and severance payment calculation
  • Bank transfer of salary, bonus, retirement and severance payment on behalf of the company
  • Withholding tax payment on behalf of the company
  • Expatriate payroll




  • 月給計算、給与明細発行
  • 退職金計算
  • 給与・賞与・退職金の銀行振込み代行サービス
  • 源泉税納付代行サービス
  • 駐在員給与計算


Tax Services

In this globalized economy, Japanese business entities in Thailand are required to have extensive tax knowledge and experience in not only the Thai corporate tax but also the VAT, personal income tax, withholding tax as well as the tax treaties between Thailand and foreign countries.

Our tax team provides services to address clients what the potential issues in the transactions are from the international tax aspects and advise appropriate options. In addition, we can also line up and present each possible solution to our clients by using our strength under the international tax aspect, which is to combine our knowledge of tax regulations and information collected from each country by utilizing our BDO network.