Sasiwimon Chujaroenwong

Sasiwimon Chujaroenwong

Senior Payroll Manager

Payroll Solutions

Executive Summary

Sasiwimon (also known as Pooh) is a Senior Payroll Manager at BDO in Thailand with more than 17 years of experience in various business including corporate payroll and benefit and payroll services outsourcing with both local and international clients. Sasiwimon has experience in supervising corporate payroll teams and managing payroll for over 2,150 employees.  ​

Highly experienced in implementing payroll outsourcing services, including migrating payroll into various systems. She also expertise in many programs such as C-People, Workday including HR information system. Payroll Programs such as: HREasily; Tiger soft, Business Plus, PayDay, SAP (function finance), Piswin) Time attendance: Humatrix 

“I was very excited with the opportunity to work with a team of professionals with whom I have built a great relationship in the past and to be part of a very exciting and growing firm.”

Excellent knowledge and advance skills in tax calculations, including personal Income, tax on tax, foreigner taxable income, retirement package and severance cost calculations.  Also expanding knowledge and experience with visa and work permits.

Sasiwimon’s journey commenced in working in the HR and payroll functions of multinational companies. She has experience in business payroll outsourcing and business services and in Thailand since 2006. In recent years she has been also been undertaking business process and control design and improvement. Sasiwimon aims to apply her experience helping businesses transform the way they manage their people and process through HR technology and software. She is a self-motivated professional who challenge herself to perform better every day.


  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Logistics
  • Oil & Gas
  • IT Technology
  • Food industry


  • Payroll services outsourcing
  • PIT consult
  • Internal Control
  • Tax compliance
  • Corporate Function Payroll & Benefit​



  • Master’s Degree of Business Administration Program in Organization Management
  • Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration in Management Major Management-Human Resource Management