Non-Performing Loan Transactions

Non-Performing Loan Transactions

BDO Thailand’s Debt Advisory team is led by experts with over 20 years of experience in lead sell side and lead buy side non-performing loan transactions both in Thailand and across the region. Our teams experience dates back to the late 1990s financial crisis that affected Thailand and they have since been involved in over Thai Baht 250 billion (US$7.5 billion) of loan transactions (lead buy and lead sell side).

Whether driven by financial, legal, regulatory, or strategic purposes, parties looking to sell originated debt (i.e., selling party is the original lender) or on-sell previously acquired loans (i.e., where the seller purchased the debt from the originating lender and is now looking to on-sell, also known as “secondary sales”), our BDO team is on hand to provide Lead sell side advisory services spanning the entire sale process including:

  • initial loan/portfolio selection
  • market assessment
  • transaction documentation
  • investor/bidder sourcing
  • data gathering and presentation
  • due diligence and bidder management
  • bid analysis
  • bid negotiation
  • closing protocols

Our team of professionals can manage the entire sale transaction or advise on stand-alone elements, e.g., data gathering and presentation, data room management or market assessment.

Through a combination of technology, local and overseas relationships and tried and tested approaches/protocols through managing transactions for over 20 years, our team implements a clear, transparent, quality information driven and time bound sale process for individual exposures, portfolios or for a corporate entity containing debt exposures.

In addition, through a combination of our long experience, local knowledge, and relationships our Lead Buy Side advisory services enables potential buyers of debt to quickly and accurately understand the characteristics of the debt(s) they are purchasing.   Our team also has loan servicing experience and can advise on servicing options including DPOs (discounted payment offers) or formal/informal recovery processes.

Our team has extensive experience in multiple loan types including Performing / Non-Performing Retail, SME, and Corporate secured and unsecured exposures as well as credit card debt and two/four-wheel lease debt, and asset sales.

In addition to Thailand, our team has experience in managing both buy side and sell side transactions across Asia Pacific having managed/advised on transactions in Indonesia, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Pakistan.