BDO Global 2023 Construction Survey Report

The Future Workforce

Does Gen Z still consider a career in construction? How can industry leaders make practical improvements to harness the changemaking power of Gen Z? What talent strategies can help you face modern challenges?

OVERCOMING THE TALENT CRISIS: Repositioning the construction industry as an employer of choice for Gen Z

At BDO, we recognise the importance of having workforce planning in place to attract and retain staff for the future. To understand the challenges our clients face in the construction sector in relation to talent shortage and scarcity, BDO's Global Real Estate & Construction team undertook a global research project to examine the opinions and attitudes of university students towards considering/pursuing a career in the industry, as well as the views and expectations of companies regarding their future workforce.

BDO’s global survey shares insight from countries across 5 continents on how attractive the construction sector is for the new generation and how their values and beliefs shape their perspective. It also gathers input from professionals currently working in the sector.

With more than 700 respondents and both global and regional analysis, this global research project witnessed the participation of several BDO firms – each covering their respective markets: Australia, U.S., South Africa, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand,  Belgium, Norway, and Brazil plus 7 other countries in the LATAM region.

The survey results have been analysed and published in our global report, which highlights misalignments between students and corporations, while providing practical improvements for industry leaders.

There is a window of opportunity for construction companies to correct these misconceptions.The industry has a strong story to tell about its leading role in supporting the transition to net zero carbon, and it is essential to do this successfully to attract Gen Z and the workforce of the future.