Financial Reporting Solutions

Financial Reporting Solutions

It is normal for companies to face unexpected or unusual financial reporting challenges outside the annual reporting cycle.

Financial reporting challenges arise from external events, such as changes in accounting requirements, or from internal events such as acquisitions, disposals, reorganisations and restructurings, re-financings and listings.

How BDO can help

The BDO Financial Reporting Specialists will guide you and your company through financial reporting issues that emerge. We will provide advice and the practical support you need.

We combine expert technical knowledge with practical, commercial experience in order to develop technically robust financial reporting solutions aligned to your business.

Below are some common examples of where we can help.

  • Impact analysis - we will help you understand and prepare for changes in accounting standards and the impact that they can have on reported results, tax, distributable reserves and the wider business.
  • Transaction support - we will address the key accounting issues that arise from transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, disposals and IPOs.
  • Reorganisations and restructurings - we can assist with any accounting complexities that arise from group reorganisations and restructurings. We will help achieve the best possible outcome for you.
  • GAAP conversions – In Thailand most foreign owned businesses apply Thai Financial Reporting Standards for Non Publicly Accountable entities “TFRS for NPAE’s”. These standards differ from accounting standards in other jurisdictions such as IFRS. Let our team guide you through these differences and undertake your GAAP conversion.

Finally, we can provide any level of support for financial reporting including technical accuracy reviews, competitor benchmarking and disclosure note drafting.