Long-term Resident (LTR) Visa

Thailand has introduced LTR visa under a program that provides a range of special benefits to enhance the country’s attractiveness as a regional hub for living and doing business. This special visa makes it easier for high-potential foreigners to live and work in Thailand. It can be applied from 1st September 2022, and is available to the following five (5) categories of foreigners:  

  1. Wealthy Global Citizens
  2. Wealthy Pensioners
  3. Work-from-Thailand Professionals (aka, digital nomad visa)
  4. Highly Skilled Professionals
  5. Their spouses and dependents

The privileges include:

  • Can be enjoyed for up to 10 years (5 plus 5 years).
  • Fast-track services at international airports in Thailand.
  • The 90-day report for foreigners is extended to once a year.
  • The visa includes a multiple re-entry permit.
  • Immigration and work permit facilitation services are offered at the One Stop Service Center for visa and work permit.
  • A reduced 17% personal income tax on gross is available to high-skilled professionals’ category (item 4 above) only.  In this connection, the Cabinet has approved to broaden the target industries covered by this category.  The updated list is provided below: 
  1. Automotive Industry
  2. Electronics Industry
  3. Affluent Tourism Industry
  4. Agricultural and Biotechnology Industry
  5. Transport and logistics industry
  6. Automation and Robotics Industry
  7. Aviation, aerospace, and aerospace Industry
  8. Biofuels and Biochemicals Industry
  9. Petrochemical and Chemical Industry
  10. Digital Industry
  11. Medical Industry
  12. Defense Industry
  13. Industries that facilitate the Circular Economy directly and significantly, e.g., the production of energy-from-waste, water resources management etc.
  14. International Business Centre (IBC)
  15. Other targeted industries under the Targeted Industries Policy