Work from home (WFH) policy

The global pandemic has made working from home (WFH) the new norm. Thailand, among many countries, has adopted the WFH policy to curb the spread of Covid-19 virus. Companies had to restrict their employees from accessing office premises, which made it inevitable for them to work from home. To align the Labour Protection Act (LPA) provisions, the Thai government has recently amended the Labour Protection Act (LPA) to take effect on 18 April 2023 in the following manner:

1. The employer and its employees may agree, in writing or in electronic form, for the latter to work from home or from anywhere by any electronic means. If so agreed, the following shall be spelled out:

  • Duration of the agreement
  • Normal working, rest hours and overtime
  • Scope of work
  • Holidays
  • Obligations and duties concerning the work equipment and tools as well as payments for necessary work expenses.

2. Employees working from home shall have the same rights as the employees working at the offices.

3. An employee has a right to refuse any communication with an employer after normal office hours or after completing the work unless a written consent is secured.