BDO Drive

BDO Drive

Growth Advisory

BDO has a wealth of experience of advising high growth businesses through all stages of their lifecycle, from the point of starting up through to exit and sale. Our approach uses a balanced scorecard to assess the current business strength and clarity of vision and goals, across stakeholders, to help businesses plan for success as they seek to maximise future value and realise their growth ambitions.

Our approach, developed together with our global firm, allows us to work alongside high growth businesses and provide the necessary support and guidance to help them succeed.

Business Outsourcing

In a dynamic and information hungry world, people need up to date information at their fingertips wherever they are and access to expert advice to assist them with the challenges facing their business. Underpinned by cloud accounting technology, our outsourcing solutions connect clients with current business performance information which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. A dedicated BDO adviser sees the same information allowing us to proactively provide expert advice, and help clients to make more informed business decisions.

Improved business information

Up to date information eliminates the reliance on historical data meaning you can plan for the future.  Clear and user friendly report dashboards can be tailored to your unique needs, while use of data tracking improves the analysis of financial information.

Access information anytime anywhere

You have easy access via a desktop, tablet or mobile phone – anywhere that you have internet access.  The same information can be accessed by as many people as you require and by your BDO adviser.

Enhanced relationship with your adviser

Your dedicated BDO adviser will proactively work with you to make sense of the numbers and help you take the business forward. Automated alerts and real time information means BDO can be proactive in providing forward looking advice and highlighting issues before they become problems.

Save time and money

Automated features such as automatic bank reconciliations and user friendly design features simplify bookkeeping, finance and accounts processes, freeing up your time to focus on running the business.  There is no upfront expense on software, and that software is regularly updated, bringing you new features without the need to upgrade your systems.

Data security

BDO has partnered with market leading companies who invest more on security than individual companies usually do. These companies make large investments in systems maintenance and support to reduce the risk of system failures.

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