Board of Investment (BOI) Advisory Services

Board of Investment (BOI) Advisory Services

The Office of the Board of Investment “BOI” is a government agency under the Office of the Prime Minister. Its core roles and responsibilities are to promote both investment into Thailand and Thai overseas investment. Two of the most significant privileges offered by the BOI for promoted projects are:

  • Tax Incentives and Privileges

    • Exemption/reduction of import duties on machinery
    • Reduction of import duties for raw or essential materials
    • Exemption of import duties for R&D purposes
    • Multiple Corporate Income Tax Incentives
  • Non-Tax Incentives and Privileges
    • Permit for foreign nationals to enter the Kingdom for the purpose of studying investment opportunities
    • Permit to bring into the Kingdom skilled workers and experts to work in investment promoted activities
    • Permit to own land
    • Permit to take out or remit money abroad in foreign currency

How we can help:

Applying for these incentives and navigating through the BOI application process can be difficult and timely but the benefits can greatly enhance the competitiveness of your business. Using experienced practitioners from BDO to help you through the BOI application process can significantly improve the chances of success and the time taken to be approved.

The below highlights how typically we help our clients throughout the BOI process:

  • An initial assessment of the nature of the business activities to determine the eligibility of the company to the various incentives available both with the BOI and through other mediums such as obtaining a foreign business licence.
  • Considering and making recommendations on the legal structure of the group.
  • Helping you through every step of the application process with services such as:
    • Assistance with the business plan and financial projections in a format that will be acceptable by the BOI.
    • Making recommendations as to project location and assisting through the land / building acquisition process.
    • Helping with the various company approvals and licenses that are required based on the type of project.
    • Assisting with the correspondence with the BOI through the application process such as attending interviews on the company’s behalf and responding to questions and addressing any concerns.
  • Foreign business license applications
  • Company formation and secretarial services
  • Outsourced functions such as accounting, taxation compliance and  payroll services.
  • CFO and advisory services