Tax Health Check Services

Tax Health Check Services

Tax Reviews and Health Checks

Whether it be a desire to claim cash back on tax receivables, an increase in the forecasted net profit, number of employees or VAT adjustments and reconciliations, our BDO team can help clients in all categories of business services.

We can help you identify the risks that lie ahead of you from our experience managing a variety of tax audit situations. The tax health check services remind additional documentation you should submit. Our tax health check can help:

  • Determine the risks caused by lack of documentation
  • Allow gap analysis since some data can't be reconciled
  • Provide suggestions about how to reduce these risks
  • Assist in locating VAT bills that can be prevented from receiving the full amount

Specifically, if you are undergoing a tax audit we can be there as your trusted advisor to navigate through what can be considered a stressful period for the company.